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Ethical Tourism

Avoiding animal exploitation while traveling.

Popular activities for tourists that involve animals, such as Swimming with Dolphins, are quite lucrative for tour operators.  However, these types of tours cause widespread exploitation of animals while forcing them to endure their lives in captivity. 

According to the World Animal Protection organization, more than 500,000 wild animals worldwide, including elephants, sloths, tigers and dolphins, are suffering for tourist entertainment. Depending on the species, the cruelty can involve snatching from the wild, ‘training’ with beatings, isolation and chaining, severely inadequate living conditions and forced contact with people.

Despite a growing awareness amongst tourists and travel companies, around 110 million people still visit cruel wildlife attractions annually, either independently or through tour operators or travel agents.  As part of our effort to help curb animal abuse, we advise our clients which tours involve the exploitation of animals. In addition, APG donates a portion of its profits to the World Animal Protection Organization and to the African Wildlife Foundation. 

Dolphin at Sea

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Herd of Elephants
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